Unlimited Membership $52.50/week

Unlimited CrossFit Classes

Limited Membership $45/week

3 CrossFit Classes per week

Seniors & Students Membership  $40/week

Unlimited CrossFit classes

Seniors must be 65 years and older.

Students must be full time.


New to CrossFit Burleigh?  $55 for a 2 week trial​​

Only available if you are new to CrossFit Burleigh​

14 days (consecutive) to attend unlimited CrossFit classes

First Responders $47.50/week

Unlimited CrossFit classes

Personal Training (By Appointment)

Please contact for pricing and options

Sarah Hannay – 0409 202 115

Tom Marais – 0452 513 713

Out of town Visitor/Casual (Drop In)  $20/session or $55/week

Must have at least 3 months of CrossFit training experience

Does not apply for beginners.