About us

CrossFit Burleigh is a strength and conditioning facility, designed to improve your health and well-being.

Our training sessions are done in a group environment that is FUN and SUPPORTIVE.

Each workout is one hour and is different every time, so you will never get bored of doing the same movements. 

The high intensity that we train at creates a bond amongst our members.

CrossFit training methods produce results for all levels of fitness, gender and age.

Whether your goal is to build strength, lose weight, become a professional athlete, or improve your current level of fitness, CrossFit Burleigh can help you achieve these goals.

CrossFit Burleigh is a passionate community dedicated to improving your life.

If you are new to CrossFit, get in touch to give it a try.

Phone: 0422 603 576

Meet the Team

Taryn Stratten

Owner & Head Coach

Head Coach, Taryn Stratten, smiles while using rings at CrossFit Burleigh

Three words to describe yourself:


Passionate, caring, Fun.

Why CrossFit?


After years of doing the normal gym “stuff” … cardio, back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, leg day, spin classes, ab crunches, I was bored, unhappy and no longer seeing results. Within a few months of starting CrossFit, I saw noticeable physical changes. My body composition changed, I was the same weight, but I looked leaner. I had lost weight and gained more muscle. I felt stronger, faster and more mobile. Along with the physical changes I also gained self-confidence and I was more motivated in my everyday life and job. The variety, intensity and scalability of CrossFit has kept me challenged and steadily improving. All while having FUN!


One thing that surprised me about CrossFit was how much I loved joining in a fitness class. The camaraderie amongst everyone in class and the CrossFit community was overwhelming.

Why Coach?


It is FUN and it is in my blood. It's extremely rewarding providing people with the right tools to achieve their goals and share in their excitement when they succeed!

Favourite WOD?


A combination of a heavy barbell and challenging gymnastics movements.

Least Favourite WOD?


Any WOD with rowing or the Assault Bike.


Top Coaching Tip


Embrace the process and spend time on the little things. There will be plenty of ups and downs on your lifelong fitness journey, so enjoy the ride and remember to have FUN.



CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Strongman
First Aid & CPR
Competed at the 2011 CrossFit Games with CrossFit Gold Coast

Coach & Personal Trainer, Sarah Hannay, holds a barbell while smiling at the camera

Three words to describe yourself:


Determined, caring, passionate


Why CrossFit?


Why not I say? It's fun, and you get to do cool stuff. You get to escape from your everyday life for one hour to learn new things, lift heavy things, smile and laugh with like-minded people and high five each other at the end!


Why coach CrossFit?


I have always been passionate about teaching people how to move better and how to live a healthier lifestyle. Nothing fires me up more than helping someone not be able to sit up without their hands to be able to squat with a barbell or helping someone get their 1st pull up. That to me it’s the best job in the world next to being a mum.


Favourite wod:


Helen and any type of chipper.


Least favourite wod:


Anything with heavy thrusters.


Coaching Tip:


Be coachable! Things take time, everyone is on their own path, rock the path you're on and forget about anyone else.




CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Cert III and IV Fitness

Level one Kettlebell instructor

Bachelor hotel management and HR

Sarah Hannay

Coach & Personal Trainer

Three words to describe yourself:


Fun, fit, ? – old, caring, OG, funny or just go back to “can’t count….”


Why CrossFit?


It is different every day, the people are fun and it is constantly evolving.   I have been doing it since 2007, through competitive phases, pregnancy phases, I am just escaping from the house phases, and CrossFit has met the fitness need I have had through all of those times.     


Why Coach CrossFit?


There is always so much to learn and challenge yourself on, and I really enjoy helping people on that journey. 

I really love CrossFit, so I get a kick from sharing that. 


Favourite WOD:


Anything with legs, legs and legs OR long chippers 


Least Favourite WOD:


Anything with arms, arms and arms. 


Top Coaching Tip:


Set limits on your rest in your conditioning workouts. It could be as simple as counting to three and picking up the bar or get moving again.


When you are having a tough day, forgive yourself and just move.  When you are having a great day, get after it!  CrossFit is what you need it to be at that time.  Talk to us, and we can help you no matter where you are at.   


Qualifications and Certifications:


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)


Bachelor in Psychology (with Honours)

Masters of Business Administration

Tom Marais

Coach & Personal Trainer

Three words to describe yourself:


Determined, Patient, Passionate!


Why CrossFit?


CrossFit always has something new to do or to learn, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. With a community around you taking on the challenge together there’s nothing that feels more fulfilling.


Why Coach CrossFit?


I love CrossFit and watching people learn to move their body in a way that’ll make them healthier. It’s so motivating to help somebody learn new movements and then guide them to crushing their own PB’s further down the track.


Favourite WOD:


Nancy or Karabel


Least Favourite WOD:


There’s nothing to not love


Top Coaching Tip:


Be patient, there is always something new to learn and always something you can be better at, no matter who you are, so take a breath and enjoy the process. That being said, you don’t have to be a master of anything to give CrossFit a go, come in, have a fun workout and leave wanting to come back tomorrow.


Qualifications and Certifications:


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

First Aid & CPR

Cert III in Fitness

Cert IV in Fitness

Bachelor of Exercise Science